Julie L. Moran

The Six-Spoke
Approach to Golf

The Six-Spoke Approach to Golf reveals what the world’s top golf professionals know: to play your best you need to focus not just on technique, but on all six aspects of playing well. If your body, mind, analysis, time management, equipment and technique are not in balance and working with you, they’re actually working against you.

The Six-Spoke Approach to Golf is the first golf book to provide:

-- Three professionally designed, graduated golf fitness programs

-- Advice on quieting your mind on the course

-- Information on using computer-assisted and other cutting-edge analyses

-- Direction in choosing the right equipment and having it fitted

-- A simple, sensible short-game technique

-- A how-to guide for developing a sound, repeatable swing

-- Resources for locating the best practice aids

-- Beautifully illustrated drills and exercises

Golfers who follow the Six-Spoke Approach significantly improve their scores, have greater strength and flexibility, have more confidence in their game, and demonstrate an increase in their overall satisfaction and enjoyment of golf.

Selected Works

Short Fiction
A brief, haunting tale of a mother struggling to cope with loss. Grand prize winner of the Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition.
The Six-Spoke Approach provides golfers with a complete “blueprint for success.” Foreword by
Fred Couples.